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Beaver Sleepover with Wide-Awake Walk Challenges


The Beavers arrived with their parents, with arms full of sleeping bags, pillows, roll mats, and of course their teddy.

Once they had made their beds, we said goodbye to parents and went on our mission around Beeston, taking photos of us next to the Beekeeper man, the Ten Bell, some bike stands, a church, to name just a few.

Another thing to tick off our mission list was to buy a postcard and stamp from Mrs Stubley at our Scout Shop, write the postcard and send it to the rest of the Beavers in their lodges to hear about all the exciting things we got up to.


We then all went to play in the playground, we had heaps of fun all playing and running around… then back to the Scout Headquarters for some serious fun fire-lighting with Bob Bear – that was really difficult and we had to be really, really careful! Then Cookie Bear fed us some much needed yummy hot jacket potatoes and her fabulous fruit platters.


After dinner we went back outside all wrapped up to sit around the campfire and sing songs. Then we were so tired, we went to bed and had a brilliant bedtime story and then all* the Beavers went straight to sleep…

*  OK – not all by any means, but most!

On Sunday morning the Beavers got woken up at 7:30 by a loud horn (yes parents… we had to wake them up!). We then had a brilliant breakfast and in teams had to make a life size Beaver Scout out of tubes, string and paper!


Have a look at our photos and see what we were getting up to.

A brilliant weekend was had by all and we can’t wait for our next one!

Beaver Sleepover Challenges

View the photos from the Sleepover and Walk