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6th Beeston Scout Group History

The Group was founded in 1936 at Chilwell Road Methodist Church and moved in the 1950s to a building close to the current site. The group purchased the plot on which this building stood and replaced it with a larger building in 1975.

By the end of the century, this second building was clearly in need of replacement, at which point providence took a hand. The developer, Braemore, wished to develop the whole of Styring Street including the plot on which the old HQ stood. The group was able to trade the plot for an adjacent one and the purpose-built HQ that is the Group’s current home.

Photograph Archive

A selection of the Group’s archive photographs from 1940 to the present are available in the Group Archive Photo Gallery.

First 50 Years

To mark the 6th Beeston Scout Group’s 50th Anniversary in 1986, the Group published a history of their first 50 years.

6th Beeston 1936-1986 (PDF)

6th Beeston History

Roll of Honor

Group Scout Leader

2011-Present: Colyn Kemp
2008-2011: Chris Storer
2007-2008: Richard Needham
2004-2007: Julie Rudd
2003-2004: Richard Needham
1995-2003: Colyn Kemp
1994-1995: Richard Loverseed-Haigh
1992-1994: David Aldred
1991-1992: Richard Loverseed-Haigh
1982-1991: Anne Jones
1980-1982: Alan Charlton
1979-1980: Anne Jones
1967-1978: Richard Moorhouse
1965-1967: Keith Cooper
1964-1965: Dean Fazey
1963-1964: John Burford
1958-1963: Vic Guy
1954-1958: Robert Parker
1952-1954: Walter ‘Spike’ Spence
1948-1952: John Henry ‘Skip’ Middleton
1936-1948: George Bramley

Scout Leader

2014-Present: Phil Danford-Knight
2011-2014: Paul Gibson
2009-2011: Stuart Coxon
2008-2009: Mike Hobson
2003-2008: Trev Pierce
1999-2003: Darren Guest
1989-1999: Richard Loverseed-Haigh
1985-1989: Ian Blakeley
1979-1985: Dave Bagshaw
1974-1979: Guy Morton
1969-1974: Stewart Robinson
1967-1969: John Huxley
1963-1967: Richard Moorhouse
1954-1963: Vic Guy
1948-1954: Walter ‘Spike’ Spence
1937-1948: John Henry ‘Skip’ Middleton
1936-1937: Ivor Thomas

Cub Scout Leader

1997-Present: Richard Needham
1997-2008: Dave Haslam
1997-2005: Carmel Gummett-Kemp
1997-2000: Nick Marlow & Tim Stevenson
1996-1997: Linda Navarro
1992-1996: Sharon Mellors
1984-1992: David Aldred
1979-1984: Anne Bagshaw
1977-1982: Anne Jones
1974-1977: Phil Peck
1972-1974: Moria Robinson
1971-1972: Gill Fazey
1968-1971: Mrs Martin
1954-1968: Ken Maris
1946-1954: Robert Parker
1940-1946: Alice Button
1939-1940: Robert Parker
1937-1939: Mrs M Middleton

Beaver Scout Leader

2005-Present: Carmel Gummett-Kemp
2003-2005: Linda Navarro
2000-2003: Tom Genway
1997-2000: Susan Loverseed-Haigh
1993-1997: Kirsten Rawson
1982-1993: Anne Jones

Group President

2004-Present: Mr. Richard Moorhouse
1979-2004: Alan Wilson
????-1979: Mr A Dyball
1963-????: Mr H Ford
1944-????: Ernest Lamb

Group Chairman

2013-Present: Julian Watson
2010-2013: Leigh Silvester
2008-2009: Colin Tucker
2003-2006: Paul Middleton
2000-2003: Andrew Pettipher
1996-1998: Philip Darby
1992-1996: Dr David Kendall
1982-1992: Phil Peck
1978-1982: Stephen Jones
1972-1978: Ron Hammock
????-1972: Margaret Wright
1963-????: Mr A Dyball
1953-???? Mrs E Littlewood

Group Treasurer

2010-Present: Katharina Meyer-Ohle
1998-2010: Joe Chamberlain
1994-1998: Mary Ashton
1992-1994: Mick Wylde
1976-1992: Paul Tivey
1972-1976: Owen Parsons
1963-1972: Mr Dodridge
1944-1958: Mr F C Mason

Group Secretary

2013-Present: Simon Young
2011-2013: Julian Watson
2010-2011: Anna Leadbetter-Jones
2008-2010: Leigh Silvester
2003-2008: Joe Chamberlain & Cyrus Gandhi
2001-2003: Janet Baker
1999-2001: Joe Chamberlain
1998-1999: Caroline Chell
1996-1998: Joe Chamberlain
1994-2996: Nichola Pickering
1985-1994: Joan Hudson
1979-1985: Mrs J Whitehouse
1972-1979: Kate Wilson
????-1972: Mrs Nesbit
1963-????: Mrs Carter
1946-????: Mr F R Guy
1944-1946: Mrs Thornhill

Group Life Members

2004: Mr Richard C Moorhouse
1992: Mr Philip B Peck
????: Mrs Anne Jones
????: Mr Robert Parker

Group Trustees

2010-Present: Mrs Jill Barnes
2010-Present: Mr Anthony “Joe” Chamberlain
2010-Present: Mr Colyn Kemp
2004-Present: Mr Stewart Robinson
1981-2010: Mr Richard Moorhouse
1997-2009: Mr John Moorhouse
1997-2004: Mr Dean Fazey
1997-1999: Mr Victor Guy
1981-1997: Mr Steven Jones
1962-1997: Mr Robert Parker
1953-1997: Mr Walter Spence
1953-1979: Mr Frank Guy
1953-1974: Mr Herbert Ford
1953-1959: Mr Fredrick Mason