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Beavers go Bowling!

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The Beavers all went bowling at the end of last term. We all had a brilliant time – see the photos below to see all the fun we had!!

Track our ShelterBoxes!

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Shelterbox Certificate

The fundraising last year raised £1675.81 which bought two ShelterBoxes outright and contributed to two more. They are all now in the warehouse waiting to be sent to four families who have lost everything. Of course, we don’t know when or where the next disaster will strike, but it’s good to know that we are living up to our motto of “Be Prepared”. To track our Shelterboxes, please visit the ShelterBox website and search for box numbers 5954, 5955, 5956 and 5957.

Once again, many thanks for all the time, energy and generosity given by so many people for this worthy cause.



pancake cooking I’m not sure about the liturgical implications, but we were just a few days into Lent when the Scouts found themselves cooking pancakes. After a serious safety briefing from Trev, we got straight on with the cooking. Some Scouts needed lessons in striking matches, some needed reminding that it wasn’t necessary to be constantly poking a pancake with a spatula to make it cook, while others proved to be very competent with a frying pan and a bit of batter.

Thankfully there were no serious spillages or conflagrations and after some vigorous mixing and robust negotiations about who should cook first, a delicious smell pervaded the HQ. Soon afterwards, it started to get a bit smoky in the hall, and when visibility reduced to unprecedented levels, we had to open the doors to let some fresh air in!. Pancakes in all shapes, sizes and shades of gold, brown and black were produced and devoured. Some were turned, some were tossed and some completely missed the pan and landed briefly on the floor. Toppings officially included sugar, lemon juice, golden syrup or chocolate buttons – but I’m sure I saw some pancakes covered in all four!

After a quick clear up (our apologies to the parents of the Scout who, upon being asked to dispose of the cup of unused sugar, promptly ate the lot!) there was just time for a game organised by one of our brilliant Patrol Leaders. At the end of the meeting, everyone agreed it had been a fun evening, and now all the Scouts know how to cook a pancake (parents take note – you can have next Shrove Tuesday off!)

See more photos

Tram works get even closer

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diversionFrom Monday 17 February, we will lose vehicular access to the car park for an indeterminate period (several months, I would expect). We will still have pedestrian access from Middle Street, but please take extra care when coming to the HQ as bollards and fences will have moved!