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Shelterbox Sleepover

Evacuee Beavers, Cubs and Scouts arrived at the HQ in dribs and drabs to find a scene of abnormal chaos. No-one seemed to know exactly what was going on, and there was talk of anticipated power cuts.

Luckily, most of the evacuees seemed to have arrived with sufficient clothes and bedding, but little or no food or shelter. Not long after everyone had arrived, we lost power in the main hall, and only had a dim light from the kitchen to work by. A couple of adults helped the Cubs set up a tent for them to sleep in while the older Scouts kept the younger Beavers entertained.


Bob Bear and a couple of other leaders managed to get a fire going and cooked some hot dogs while other leaders found a place for the Beavers to sleep and the Scouts put up a tent for themselves. still pretty much in the dark.

Supper was a disorganised affair – not everyone got their food at the same time, and not everyone got the same food, so some scouts had to wait their turn. After supper, we had a sing-song to keep our spirits up, and then it was time for the beavers to go to bed.

The Cubs and Scouts played quietly for while before they too went to bed. Some people had a good night’s sleep, but others had a more restless night. One Beaver unfortunately suffered with his asthma and in the early hours, he was medevaced to a place of safety (his mum came to collect him).


In the morning, the wide-awake Beavers had to find ways of playing quietly so as not to wake the older Cubs and Scouts – never wake a sleeping dragon!

After a light breakfast, some leaders found a supply of huge cardboard boxes and other materials The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were challenged to work in teams to build makeshift shelters fit for a Rama, which they did with brilliant ingenuity.


By lunchtime, help had arrived, and each evacuee was safely and happily reunited with their parents.

The leaders were very glad to be able to find other shelters of their own.

A great experience for us all, providing just a tiny glimpse of life in a refugee camp.

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