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Blog: Beavers

Group Camp 2021

2021 involved a continuation of our Virtual Scouting but there was no way that we were going to allow that to stop us from Camping together! We had well over 50 members of the Group with us who enjoyed a day of activities, from muddy walks with family to scavenger hunts, pastry neckerchiefs and penguin races.

A great time was had by all, and whilst we can’t wait to get back to proper camps we think we made a pretty good go of it with the virtual one!

Beaver Sleepover Nov’16

Having a brilliant time so far on our Beaver sleepover.
Put up a tent with the scouts, lit fires, toasted marshmallows, sang campfire songs, had yummy hot chocolate, a brilliant bed time story and now we are (almost) all snoring! 22.58pm!


IMG_8841 IMG_8843 IMG_8847 IMG_8852 IMG_8855 IMG_8856 IMG_8858 IMG_8859 IMG_8860 IMG_8861 IMG_8863 IMG_8864 IMG_8865 IMG_8866 IMG_8869 IMG_8870 IMG_8872

Beavers Explore the New Tram!!

IMG_4385.JPGOur Beavers went on the new tram for 3 stops and were joined by some of the staff from NET to answer any questions about the trams. We then walked back along the tram route as much as we could.. Waving at every tram that passed!!!