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Blog: Beavers

Summer Celebration

Thanks to all of our families and friends for coming to Beavers for our end-of-term, let’s-all-enjoy-the-sunshine picnic.

It was great to welcome so many of you to the HQ. We hope you had fun and didn’t get too wet as a result of our water games.

Beavers AGM Report 2013

What a busy and exciting, wet year we have shared, starting with a soaking on our St George’s Day Parade.

In May the Beavers visited the BIG Weekend County Camp at Southwell Race Course on the only dry day of a very, very muddy camp. It is always good for Beavers to see where the older young people sleep, eat and play on camp. It is good to see the next step of the journey of Scouting.

View photos of the BIG Weekend

Our Summer Term was dominated by The Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics – what an exciting year! In June, the sun shone at least once. We invited our families to join us for our Diamond Jubilee. It was lovely to put the bunting out and play games with the whole family and of course eat our picnic together.

View photos of the Jubilee Picnic

The torrential downpour stopped just as 6th Beeston Beavers, Cubs & Scouts; Magellan Explorers and Trent Scout Network as well as family members, Executive Members and Leaders lined the streets to see Torvill and Dean carry the Olympic Torch in the Relay. It was lovely to be part of this Group Family.

View photos of the Olympic Torch Relay

In the Autumn term, the Beavers learnt about International Scouting following Yogi’s and Paddington’s visit to Portugal with the Explorers and Bob Bear’s International Service in Finland. It is good for Beavers to learn
about the world beyond Beeston and also to glimpse some of the opportunities available to them as they progress through Scouting. As a result of these experiences, our Lodges have assumed a new importance and each has its own identity and chant or animation, which we shared with the Group at our Carol Service.

What a Winter! We enjoyed the snow, unfortunately there was so much of it that the NESST Ramble had to be postponed until April. We did manage to have a Brilliant Beaver Sleepover in February, you can read about it, there are plenty of pictures as well.

Read the Sleepover blog post View the Sleepover photos

We were visited by the Police. It’s OK, we had invited PC Billy to come and tell us about keeping safe. He brought some friends along and they showed us around the Police Van (the siren is VERY LOUD!!) and some of us even dressed up in their uniforms! Cookie Bear really looks the business!

When we are not out and about exploring the world, we are at HQ playing games, singing songs, creating art, learning about maps, making models, planting seeds and bulbs, learning about other countries, reacting to fire drills, running races, dad-dancing, building mega-catapults, circuit training, cooking, telling everyone about our hobbies, asking questions endlessly… we are just so busy!

6th Beeston Beaver Colony continues to thrive. We have offered a full and varied programme to our amazing Beaver Scouts who make us smile – most of the time! In return, the Beaver Scouts have shared with us their laughter and their curiosity as they make sense of their ever-widening world. They have impressed us with their kindness and automatic accommodation of each others’ varied needs. They put the Scout Law into practice without even thinking about it. This makes us feel both privileged and proud to work with them.

Scouting is a GREAT BIG ADVENTURE that begins in the Beaver Section. Long may the adventure continue! You can find out what we are up to on our website: www.6thbeeston.co.uk

  • Thank you Beaver Parents for all your support and lending us your little joy-bringers each week.
  • Thank you Brilliant Beaver Leaders (and our families) for being a fantastic team.
  • Thank you Beavers for being the best and most Brilliant Beavers in the whole wide world and Beeston.

Paddington – Carmel Gummett-Kemp
On behalf of the Brilliant Beaver Leader Team

Beaver Sleepover with Wide-Awake Walk Challenges


The Beavers arrived with their parents, with arms full of sleeping bags, pillows, roll mats, and of course their teddy.

Once they had made their beds, we said goodbye to parents and went on our mission around Beeston, taking photos of us next to the Beekeeper man, the Ten Bell, some bike stands, a church, to name just a few.

Another thing to tick off our mission list was to buy a postcard and stamp from Mrs Stubley at our Scout Shop, write the postcard and send it to the rest of the Beavers in their lodges to hear about all the exciting things we got up to.


We then all went to play in the playground, we had heaps of fun all playing and running around… then back to the Scout Headquarters for some serious fun fire-lighting with Bob Bear – that was really difficult and we had to be really, really careful! Then Cookie Bear fed us some much needed yummy hot jacket potatoes and her fabulous fruit platters.


After dinner we went back outside all wrapped up to sit around the campfire and sing songs. Then we were so tired, we went to bed and had a brilliant bedtime story and then all* the Beavers went straight to sleep…

*  OK – not all by any means, but most!

On Sunday morning the Beavers got woken up at 7:30 by a loud horn (yes parents… we had to wake them up!). We then had a brilliant breakfast and in teams had to make a life size Beaver Scout out of tubes, string and paper!


Have a look at our photos and see what we were getting up to.

A brilliant weekend was had by all and we can’t wait for our next one!

Beaver Sleepover Challenges

View the photos from the Sleepover and Walk

Family Camp 2010

The Group held its first family camp at Sherbrooke Campsite on the weekend of 19th & 20th June.

Nearly 90 people attended and we were lucky to have some great weather, although the nights were a little chilly for some.

There were plenty of activities to keep both young and old busy, including climbing, tunnelling, crate-stacking, zip-lining, archery and crafts, but the surprise hit of the weekend was the bottle rockets, with constantly refined designs resulting in some very impressive launches.

The talent competition also proved very popular and was won with a terrific unaccompanied rendition of Super Trooper. The theme of the camp was space and there were some great fancy dress costumes that reflected this.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that helped with the running of the camp, but particularly to AGSL Phil for organising it and Sarah for doing such a great job of the catering.

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Last Autumn (2008) The Beavers, Cubs and Brownies sent off for Mini Pots of Care kits from Marie Curie Cancer Care.

In October, we unpacked our boxes, rehydrated the compost and had great fun getting dirty planting the bulbs. We had to look after them very carefully.

At the Carol Service, in December,  the monies raised from donations for the refreshments, were forwarded to Marie Curie Cancer Care, you can see their thank you letter from Marie Curie here.

In early March, we decorated the pot covers and took our treasured daffodils home for our families to enjoy.