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Moving On

The process of moving from one section to another (such as from Cubs to Scouts at age 10½) is known as “moving on”. When a Beaver, Cub or Scout moves onto the next section and are awarded their membership badge, they can also gain a moving on award.

Ready to move on?

Usually, when a Beaver, Cub or Scout is ready to move onto the next section, the leader of the next section will contact you directly to discuss how the process will happen. For example, when a Beaver is ready to move on, the Cub Leader will contact you.

You will usually be contacted just before the young person reaches the maximum age for their section (usually 2 or 3 months). Please remember that when arranging for our members to move onto the next section, we aim to do this in groups of 2 or more; this is to prevent our members moving on alone. We also try to have our members change sections at suitable points, such as end of term or half terms. Both of these factors may result in the Beaver, Cub or Scout moving on slightly earlier or later than usual.

If you think your child should be moving on soon and we haven’t contacted yet, then please get in touch via our contact page.

The Award

Moving on Awards

When moving on from one section to another, the young person can earn the moving on award. To gain the award, a new Cub, Scout or Explorer must complete the following:

  1. Attend both sections for at least four weeks,
  2. Work for the membership badge during this time.

The moving on award is worn on the uniform above the membership award and is presented by the section leader which the young person has come from.