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Our Mission

The 6th Beeston Scout Group began raising money for the charity ShelterBox at the AGM in July 2013. We set out to raise enough money before Christmas to provide one ShelterBox so a family in a disaster zone can restart their life.

Thanks to the help of everyone who volunteered or donated, we’ve raised enough money to help three families.

Total Raised

£1675.81 – THREE ShelterBoxes!

Track our boxes

You can track our ShelterBoxes from the Young Shelterbox website using box numbers 5954, 5955, 5956 and 5957.

Shelterbox Certificate

All Over the World

ShelterBoxes being delivered in Nepal

The charity ShelterBox sends survival boxes all over the world to those caught in disasters such as conflict, earthquakes and floods. A ShelterBox can give hope to a family who may have lost everything.

What’s in the Box?

Contents of a ShelterBox

Each ShelterBox contains essential survival items, such as a tent, stove, tools, blankets, mosquito nets, cooking equipment, water purification and warm hats and gloves. The box also includes school equipment for children. The exact contents of each ShelterBox varies for each disaster they are deployed in. The ShelterBox itself too has use as a water container or as a cot for a baby. Each box costs £590 to manufacture and deliver it to the family in need.

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