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6th Beeston Blog

Cubs Air Activities

Last week our Cubs started their Air Activities Stage 1 badge – learning about aircraft, flight and jet engines – with an added paper aeroplane competition to finish off!

The BIG Weekend 2015

Over spring bank holiday our Cubs and Scouts camped for three nights at the BIG Weekend at Southwell Racecourse for a long weekend packed full with activities. The camp was visited by the Beavers on the Sunday to join in with the activities, which included: go-carts, archery, climbing, laser tag, assault course, water slides, spider mountain, nerf guns, KMX, water slide, free-fall, film nights, discos and many more!

Chief Scout’s Awards

Last week at Scouts, the District Commissioner presented three of our Scouts with their Chief Scout’s Award. Two Scouts newly arrived from Cubs received the silver award, which is the highest award a Cub can earn, and one their Gold award, the highest a Scout can achieve. These awards are for the completing all challenge awards for a section. Congratulations to all three of you!